“What? Other? I don’t like Other! I like Angelyn!!!” 😝

​Just done meeting with Le Supervisor, phew… πŸ˜…

I told him I probably found some bugs in the program because the scripts I input were all correct but it just doesn’t run. 😐

“Really? Let’s work it out side by side!”

He helped me to bring my laptop over his room and placed it next to his desk. 

I reported to him what I have done and pointed out parts of scripts in the journal we are referring that didn’t work.

“Hmmmm… Let’s start from the beginning…”

I flipped open to the related page in the reference book and shown it to him. It starts with assigning a name and inputting the data: 
other <- empty.graph(nodes =”your data”, …..))

So I read it to him while he was typing. 

“Assign the name Other….”

Checking on the book, he said: “What? Other? I don’t like Other! I want to assign something else. 😎”

It was funny, so I smiled and said 😊: “Ok, please assign something you like.”

Without a second thought, he typed: Angelyn <- empty.graph(nodes= “His name”)) ….

And the rest of the discussion was filled with my name and his name… and I was so confused because I couldn’t tell if he was calling the data, or calling me. πŸ˜‚

Conclusion: Today, I learnt that Le Supervisor likes me?! πŸ˜„ Besides that, after 3-hour of discussion, problem remains unsolved. Haha!!! 

– Originally posted on 12th May 2016 on Facebook – 

P/S: I was having my own room back then before I falling down into his trap and ended up sharing his room. 😝


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